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Winter Roof Inspection Time

Dasher, Dancer, Comet — all of you. Get off the roof!

Even if you’re not expecting 4-legged company on your roof, you probably should get some 2-leggers up there to look around before punishing winter weather conditions set in.

A yearly winter roof inspection is the best way to ensure your roof is up to the job of protecting your home and family all winter long. You may think your roof is just fine, but it may be hiding the need for simple repairs that if they are overlooked, can lead to costly damage. The smallest hole can become a big problem when the winds and flakes blow.

Missing or displaced shingles, loose or leaky gutters, damaged flashing or caulking can be easily and inexpensively be repaired in the early stages. But if high winds and freeze-and-thaw cycles make minor issues into major ones, the cost of repairs will be much greater. High winds can blow loose or old roof shingles entirely off, and if it is accompanied by freezing rain, hail or sleet, the resulting small chunks of ice can further weaken shingles.


Freezing rain can seriously damage your roof if ice builds up in your gutter and prevents water from draining properly. Extensive water damage can also occur if your area experiences heavy rain and water gets beneath any loose shingle. Even just a few inches of water can both affect electrical wiring as well as can cause mold to grow unseen inside the walls.

Roof inspection will find loose or faulty shingles, identify leaks – particularly in the roof valleys – find damaged or displaced flashing, damaged sealant or caulking, aging or rotting elements, clogged gutter cleaning and the resulting drainage issues.

Once roof issues are cleared up, you’ll want to continue to monitor gutters and drainage regularly, year-round, and especially when snow is forecast.  Be aware of the amount of snow that accumulates up there, as excessive snow and ice accumulation can stress older roofs. You might want to invest in a telescoping roof rake in case Mother Nature treats us wrong.

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