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Best ROI on Home Remodel Projects Delaware

(SOURCE: Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report for Wilmington DE)

What are the top-notch homes doing to keep-up or increase their value in the Wilmington, DE market?  According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report in 2014, here are the Top 5 BEST bang-for-your-buck home improvements for “upscale” home remodel projects…and the great news is…Ferris Home Improvements services 4 out of these top 5 below!

1. Insulated Vinyl Siding Replacement (average job cost: $14,090; resale value: $17,500; cost recouped: 124.2%)  ALSO great: fiber-cement siding (average job cost: $13,410; resale value: $15,000; cost recouped: 111.9%)

2. Vinyl Window Replacement (average vinyl job cost: $13,299; vinyl resale value: $16,500; cost recouped: 124.1%)

3. Garage Door Replacement (average job cost: $2,808; resale value: $3,000; cost recouped: 106.8%)

4. Grand Entrance (average job cost: $7,260; resale value: $6,750; cost recouped: 93%

5. Roofing Replacement (average job cost: $34,818; resale value: $27,500; cost recouped: 79%


When it comes to making your home more livable, a home remodeling project can be costly. Determining whether it’s worth the investment and how much you’ll recoup when it comes time to sell your home will help you make wiser choices. That being said, sometimes the reason for renovating our home is more personal and based on our creature comforts or desire to create a ‘dream home’. There is a lot of value in that, even if the ROI isn’t as high as we’d like.

If you’re looking to remodel your home, give Ferris Home Improvements a call. We’ll give you a fair estimate and quality work. We’ve been voted Delaware’s #1 Home Improvement Company three years in a row!

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