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Top 4 Homeowner Mistakes After Storm Damage
Top 4 Homeowner Mistakes After Storm Damage

The extreme summer weather has arrived and along with that comes the possibility of sustaining damage to your home’s roof and siding from hail and high winds. Life threatening thunderstorms or hurricanes can bring downed trees, high winds, hail, torrential rain and flooding without much notice.

Should your home suffer damages this summer, knowing the right questions to ask can make a big difference.

Dealing with the aftermath of a violent storm can be an intimidating situation for any homeowner. Knowing how to handle getting emergency repair estimates and to navigate the insurance claims process ahead of time can mean less frustration and better results.

Top 4 Homeowner Mistakes After Storm Damage

1) You select to use a “storm-chaser” contractor to repair your home. These companies, despite what they might tell you, will come knocking on your door after a storm hits in your area. They promise to help you with insurance compensation and even oftentimes (illegally) offer to cover your deductible in some form or another throughout your job. The truth is that they shortchange you on your craftsmanship warranty and aren’t local, no matter what they claim their address to be, leaving you with a likely subcontractor to run your warranty when your roof leaks and you call….that is if you can even reach them then. These companies travel during storm season and try their best to get as much of the storm damage work in the area as possible before heading to the next part of the country.  Your best bet is to use a local, established company that has a good reputation for quality work and service. They are sure to be around in 10 years when a warranty might be necessary.

2) Not getting 3 estimates from 3 established, comparable companies for the work to be performed. Without 3 estimates, you will not have a good handle on the scope of the damage and you will have not ensured that you’re receiving the best value for your investment.

3) Accepting the first check from your insurance company.  Don’t be afraid to challenge the amount they offer with estimates in hand. You can always keep the check in your possession but DO NOT deposit it until you are satisfied with the total compensation amounts given to you. Depositing the check will be seen as acceptance and closure to your claim.

4) Not spending the money on repairing your home. Small and big repairs can turn into even bigger nightmares if you don’t properly maintain and protect your home’s lines of defenses from the elements.

Make sure you get a dependable, qualified and trustworthy home improvement contractor to repair the damages.

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