Your Home Is Where Our Heart Is


The Luckiest People on the Block

Some people think it’s only the four-leaf clover that brings good luck. But people in the know will tell you that the three-leaf clover is the lucky one – the clover on the Ferris Home Improvement fleet of service vehicles! Vans, minivans, panel trucks, pickup trucks, cab-forward trucks, dump trucks, SUVs – now numbering 43 and growing!

Why do we have so many styles of trucks, vans and cars?

In our line of work, the motto “the right tool for the right job” is a fundamental principle. And the same goes for our vehicles.  Each of our dedicated crews is provided a vehicle that suits the needs of the job.

The right vehicle for the right job lets us be more efficient, carrying the right equipment, parts and supplies we need to complete your project. Fewer trips to pick up supplies or tools means faster, more efficient completion of your project.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the shiny black vehicles sporting the bright green three-leaf clover. There are a lot of them out there!

You’ll know that the owners of the home the vehicle is parked in front of are the luckiest people on the block.