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Six Reasons You May Want to Replace Your Home’s Windows

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Energy-efficient replacement windows can help lower your utility bills and improve your home’s curb appeal

You’re put up with those old, leaky windows long enough. This summer you gritted your teeth every time the electric bill came, knowing that you were air conditioning the outside as well as the inside of your home. And now you’re wondering about gas, oil and electric bills this winter, with inflation relentlessly driving up those utilities. If your windows and frames aren’t weathertight, it’s probably time to make the decision to replace your windows. After all, new windows can bring an 80-85% return on your investment between utility savings and home improvement value. And Fall is the perfect time to act.

Here are 6 questions that can help you decide:

  1. Do my windows slide open and closed easily, and are they trouble-free to clean?

Older windows may not operate as well as new ones, often because they don’t move on their tracks easily. Newer windows will slide open and closed with very little effort. And, new window functionality such as tilt-in windows, make them easier to clean outside, especially on the second floor.

  1. Do I feel drafts?

We’re not talking beer here. Drafts mean poor energy efficiency. Don’t throw money away by letting the heat or air conditioning go out the windows. Even with good windows, you lose an average of 10-20 percent of your home’s heat through the windows. Imagine what that the percentage must be with old or broken windows.

  1. How old are these things, anyway?

Even if your old windows are still functional, they probably aren’t energy efficient. If you’ve lived in your home for decades and have never replaced the windows, doing so now will provide you with the latest window technology. And if your double-paned glass windows have significant condensation between the panes, the energy savings of the double panes is no longer effective because the seal is broken. Time to let them go.

  1. Do outside and road noises irritate me?

Efficient windows provide reduce the amount of outside noise you hear. Older, single-paned windows with a single pane typically rate in the 18-20 sound rating range. Standard new windows generally rate around 28-32. For more demanding locations, special windows rate up to 48. Choosing a window that works for the level of noise near your home can reduce stress.

  1. Are the window frames damaged?

Decayed, broken windows could lead to more damage by allowing water, insects or other intrusions into your home. And, your broken window is an open invitation to a burglar looking for easy access.

  1. Does the appearance of my windows complement the exterior of the house?

Many homeowners replace the windows to improve the curb appeal of the home. If you’ve already upgraded the siding and roofing, don’t leave the job half-finished. Even if you have an historic home, you can find window styles that give you the authentic look while providing the benefits of modern window technology.

When you make the decision to replace your windows, make sure you choose an experienced, professional window installer who specializes in this work. You want to know that your installer can recognize and respond to any underlying problems the old windows may have allowed.

At Ferris, we are a Platinum Authorized dealer and certified installer for Provia Windows, the highest quality window manufacturer in America.  Provia is outstanding in their commitment to meet the highest standards of quality, service, and customer satisfaction. ProVia partners with ENERGY STAR® to ensure that their windows meet or exceed energy-efficiency standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

If your windows are a pain (see what we did there), why not invest in your own comfort and take care of them now before the cold weather makes you wish you had acted sooner. Call us for a free consultation!