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If Not, You May Need to Replace Your Windows

4 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy for the Holidays

Nothing says toasty like a mug full of hot mulled cider by a roaring fireplace. That’s a family tradition that I treasure every year. But for those of you who can’t have a fireplace roaring 24/7, we have a few suggestions that will keep your home warm for the holidays and all winter long!

How to Keep Your Home Warm for the Holidays

  1. Lock or Replace Your Windows – Making sure your windows are tightly shut is a simple way to keep the heat in. If your window’s seals are not doing their job, you may consider replacing your windows with more energy efficient window replacements. Not only will it keep the chill out, it can save you money on your heating bills!
  2. Install A New Entry & Storm Door – Many entryway doors are not efficient and let all types of drafts in that not only sucks the heat out of your home, but allows for the outside elements in. This makes it very hard to maintain an ambient temperature and could put a damper on your holidays. Today’s door products offer energy efficiency, functionality, and beauty which are critical elements to installing show-stopping entryway doors for your home!
  3. New Blown-in Insulation — Adding insulation to your home has never been easier! It’s no secret that Proper insulation can help regulate your home’s internal climate to keep your family comfortable all winter long. Why not make this simple investment that will pay for itself over and over again.


Did you know that windows and outside doors account for most heat loss in the home? The next most common factor is holes in the walls and inadequate insulation. New energy efficient window installation and proper caulking can greatly reduce your home’s energy bills and keep your home at a perfect temperature.

As a final tip, caulking and weatherstripping your windows and doors are a quick, simple and inexpensive way to save on your energy bills. According to, sealing the air leaks around windows and door frames could save you 30% on your energy bill.

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