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Are Your Gutters Ready For Fall?

The oppressive August heat has given way to the magical Fall weather that gives many of us renewed interest in the outside of our homes. All the Fall flowers have arrived at the garden center, and we know it’s the best time to plant trees and shrubs.

But before you start looking downwards at the landscaping, take a second to look up. And there you’ll see all the debris that has fallen into your gutters. And you know there’s more to come with the falling leaves.

It’s tempting to look back down at the pretty places – but don’t do that.  Clogged gutters are not something to ignore.

Gutters are designed to direct rainwater away from your windows, siding, foundation, and other vulnerable areas of your home.  When clogged, gutters can overflow, sending water down the side of your home and right into your basement.  Flooded basements and water-soaked walls can cause damage to a home’s foundation.

If the sand, soil or clay under the home gets too wet, the foundation can actually shift, causing cracks and buckling in the basement floor. Cracks and holes in your foundation and walls make a perfect entrance into your home for pests.

Some water damage may not be noticeable because it is behind the siding, in window frames, or under flooring until significant damage is done. Water damage can also breed dangerous mold in the home and higher pollen counts, which can make life more difficult for family members who suffer from allergies or weak immune systems.

Or, heavy rains can pour down and damage flowers and shrubs, causing costly damage and extra gardening chores.  And watch that mulch that you painstakingly applied in the Spring – it will be flowing out to the street or into the grass.

Make sure you take care of gutters before the weather turns cold.  Ice in gutters can cause severe issues. Clogged gutters will become heavy and can pull away from the house. If water has run over the gutters and onto a patio, driveway or sidewalk, it can freeze and cause a dangerous slipping hazard. 

 The answer to this annual headache is simple: a gutter protection system. We at Ferris Home Improvements can guide you to choose just the right gutter protection for your home. We offer several gutter cleaning services and products to help with your gutter maintenance and maintain efficient water drainage. Call us and let us give you a free, no-obligation estimate for your gutters for Fall.

Then head to the garden center and choose some new shrubs and perennials for your flower beds. And enjoy this lovely Fall weather.