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The Time to Prepare for Hurricane Season is NOW

Many of our neighbors in Sussex County know all too well the terrible impact weather can have on homes. The recent EF-3 tornado that hit in March damaged or destroyed 60 homes in Bridgeville, Greenwood and Ellendale.

Now we’re facing a date that has the potential for dire implications for a lot of people – hurricane season begins on June 1 and lasts through November 30.  Homeowners can take precautions now to be as prepared as possible and avoid having to rush through potentially life-saving preparations at the last minute.

First of all, seriously assess your home, its age, and the conditions of vulnerable parts of the home. Are the doors, windows and garage doors up to the challenge? If you don’t think so, consider home improvements now that you might otherwise have put off for a few more months. If you’re not sure, call us and we’ll come out and give you a free, no-obligation opinion of the improvements you should consider.


Broken windows allow rain, wind and debris to enter your home that can cause serious widespread damage to your prized furnishings and possessions.  If your windows are older or of a lower quality, consider replacing them with heavy-duty, wind-resistant windows.  Storm-proof windows have stronger frames and shatter-resistant glass.

If you think your home is particularly vulnerable, consider installing storm shutters. Or, create plywood panels that could be nailed to window frames when a storm approaches.  The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) recounts an interesting  survivor’s story with storm shutters  here.

Garage Door

Pay attention to your garage door. Wind coming into your home through an opening this large can result in huge problems for your home, especially for your roof. Your garage door is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home, and a ripped-off garage door can allow its contents to become dangerous flying missiles.  Consider replacing an old garage door with one that is approved for both wind pressure and impact protection. These doors can have steel reinforcements, extra hardware, and springs that have the durability to withstand wind pressure.

Exterior Doors

Make sure all exterior doors – the front, back and sides —  are hurricane-proof, have a minimum of three hinges and a deadbolt lock that is at least one inch long.  Sliding glass doors are more vulnerable to wind damage than most other doors and should be made of tempered glass. During a storm, consider covering them with shutters or plywood.


We’re sure it comes as no surprise that roofs take a beating in hurricanes.  We strongly recommend you let us give your roof a checkup to see that it is in proper condition to protect your home and property.  Flying shingles can cause damage to the siding and trim, as well as take out an unprotected window or damage your car.

Exteriors, Lawns and Patios

You know you’ll need to secure outdoor chairs, tables, grills, umbrellas and other furniture items. Make sure you have the supplies at easy reach. You might even bring them inside so heavy outdoor furnishings won’t hit and damage your siding and exterior elements. ‍

Disaster Supplies

Check your emergency preparedness kit (if you don’t have one, get one). Check the flashlights (have several of various powers and light ranges), make sure you have plenty of extra batteries, a battery-powered radio (your phone service could be interrupted), a first aid kit, several days’ supply of water, non-perishable food and medication.

Just Do It!

Taking these steps might take time and energy you think you don’t have.  But serious weather episodes are coming more frequently and aggressively, and are nothing to scoff at. Don’t put yourself in the position of regretting that you weren’t prepared. Feel free to call us for a free visit to help you assess your home’s exterior components.  And stay safe out there.