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Modern Bathroom Options

Ferris Home Improvements - bathroom installRemember that all-white and marble bathroom renovation project you were planning before the pandemic hit? You might want to give that neutral palette and standard fixtures plan a second thought – it’s so two years ago! Modern Bathroom options have taken a trendy turn into higher-tech, warmer colors and materials, and are visually interesting.

While function is as important as ever, form is rising to a new place of importance.

Let’s start with floors
In-floor heating makes tile floors less shocking after your shower. New luxury vinyl plank floors look like tile or wood, and are warmer, completely water-resistant, do not require green board underlayment, and have no annoying grout lines to keep clean and sealed.

Large corner soaking tubs often take up too much space in a family bathroom. The most popular layout now is a separate tub and shower. Freestanding tubs with sleek profiles have taken the place of built-in or drop-ins and visually consume less space for an uncluttered footprint. Separate showers with detachable hand sprayers, rain showerheads and multiple flush body sprays offer the convenience of a quick shower or the luxury of an enveloping cascade of warmth.

Wall-mounted toilets are a homeowner’s dream. Imagine never having to clean the porcelain on the floor behind the bowl again. One-piece toilets with soft-closing seats and dual flushing systems are powerful, sleek and modern, and complement a variety of style scenarios. Smart toilets have hands-free components such as self-closing lids and touch-free flushing, reducing interactions with germy surfaces. Self-cleaning technology includes bacteria-killing light under the lid, interior mechanisms that do the cleaning for you, and cling-free bowl surfaces.

Meredith Rombach Kitchen & Bath Design Consultant
Meredith Rombach
Kitchen & Bath Design Consultant

Those white marble countertops you had planned might be more work than you imagined. New quartz countertops are durable and easy to clean. They are non-porous, have fewer seams, and are less susceptible to fostering bacteria.

Advancements in fixtures make the bathroom more worry-free, easily maintained, and a joy to behold. But you’re not done yet. Color, patterns and art have made a comeback, even in the bathroom.

Strong colors, jewel-tone paint or tiles, rich or graphic wallpapers all are showing up in today’s renovations. And don’t even think about that ceiling-mounted lighting. Backlit medicine cabinets give off warm, ambient light, and statement chandeliers lend old-world charm. Artwork on the walls and a beautiful area rug covering the center of the floor in place of small bath rugs give the room an entirely different feel.

These are just a few of the things you need in your new bathroom that you never knew you needed!  The world of options is ever-changing, and that’s why Ferris Home Improvements has on staff designers—such as our very talented Meredith Rombach, who contributed to this blog —   with the knowledge of trends and advancements to help you make the bathroom a safe, warm and beautiful part of your home.