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Top Kitchen Cabinet Hacks

What’s old is new: the kitchen again is the heart of the home. Your kitchen can be the gathering place that keeps the family close together by incorporating spaces for homeschooling, remote work and household management, a dedicated coffee area, and an organizing landing zone for shoes and backpacks.


Cabinet design is one of the most important choices and biggest investment you’ll make when renovating your kitchen. Make sure your cabinet style, construction materials, appearance, and placement are well planned and well designed. A cabinet design mistake is not easy or inexpensive to remedy.

Navigating the hundreds of cabinet styles makes decisions a little harder and a lot more stressful. Do you want the warm look of cherry or oak cabinets? The spotless appearance of clean white? Trendy grey or off-white? Or statement-making bold color? Do you love a raised panel door, a clean Shaker style, a detailed bead or a modern, sleek flat front? Not to worry, Ferris has some Kitchen Cabinet Hacks to help you decide.

Clever new cabinets

The new clever storage options of today’s cabinetry give you even more tempting options. Consider these highly functional options:

  • Drawers in the toe kicks of the cabinets
  • A tilt-open sink front tray
  • A bank of drawers in place of lower cabinetry for storage space that’s easier to access and organize.
  • Floor-to-ceiling “locker” cabinets that can hide a multitude of sins
  • Appliance barn cabinet to reduce the appearance of clutter
  • Vertical storage areas as narrow as 9-inches for storing cookie sheets and the like
  • Open shelf storage (or even no upper cabinetry)

Practical kitchen islands

A cousin to your cabinets, a kitchen island can add counter space, storage, a seating and work area, and visual interest. Just make sure your space is large enough that the island doesn’t impede access to your work triangle or make the kitchen look closed and cluttered.

Cabinet-fronted appliances

The seamless look of cabinet-fronted built-in appliances can make the kitchen look larger and more cohesive. You will need to choose a counter-depth refrigerator and freezer that are panel-ready to achieve this elegant appearance.

Please do your research before you allow yourself to fall in love with a home-grown kitchen renovation plan. The variables in cabinetry alone are vast, and then there are still the counters, the floors, the lighting, the backsplash…  Detailed planning can set back the implementation phase of your project by months. And a mistake… well, that can be costly and likely delay the project even more.

Even with these kitchen cabinet hacks, a well-run professional total renovation can take up to several months and is a significant investment that will dramatically enhance your home’s comfort and increase its value. Consider enlisting the assistance of our experienced kitchen designer, Emily, who has been delighting families with her creative and functional designs here at Ferris Home Improvements for five years. We all know that knowledge is power. Let Emily’s knowledge power your kitchen renovation to the perfect finish.