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Is Your House Broken?

Let Us Fix it!

So many things can go askew with a house, and many of those on the exterior can become very noticeable when Spring rains and winds come to town.  You might see roof shingles flapping or even flying, trim coming loose, decking deteriorating… it makes your head hurt, right?

Put down the Advil. That’s why we have an entire service department dedicated to home repairs.  Our specially trained repair technicians will come to your home and meet with you to discuss any issues you identified.  And they’ll let you know if they see anything that hasn’t reached the point that you noticed it yet.

Think of a visit from the service team like your annual health checkup. You want to check out everything to catch issues early.  The tech will go up on the roof, check the gutters and downspouts, look at the windows and siding, and more. When they find issues, they’ll take photos and show you right then and there exactly what they saw.

Don’t worry – we won’t try to sell you a new roof if you just need a roof repair. We won’t suggest all new windows when you just need trim or sealant.  When we visit, certain home repairs can be done on the spot; others may require ordering supplies and scheduling the work.  And some others need to be thought about and decisions made – like roofing repairs.

Need to fix a Broken Roof?

We carry a wide range of shingles on our repair truck, and we might be able to find one to match your roof right then on the first visit.  But matching shingles can be tricky. If your roof is older and faded, we’ll talk to you about your requirements if the granules have deteriorated. Are you okay with a small roof repair area that looks a little different from the rest of the roof until it also fades? Then a repair may be all you want.  Are there enough areas needing work to make your roof look like a patchwork quilt? If so, we’ll talk to you about a roof replacement.  We’ll give you written estimates to think over, and the ultimate decision is yours, of course, but we’ll also tell you, based on years of experience, what we would do if it were our home.

Ferris Service Staff - Let Us Fix It!
We can caulk and seal, probably on our first visit. But we’ll also tell you that from our experience when it comes to skylights, a small leak can be a warning sign of a larger problem such as wood rot that can lead to costly interior damage. We’ll look it over carefully to be sure.

Has a gutter blown down? We can probably fix that immediately if the wood behind the gutter is intact and the piece of gutter is in good shape. Or, we can install one seamless gutter run in that area to reduce future maintenance of seam leakages. Again, we provide you a written estimate; you make the decision that’s right for you.

Ferris Home Improvements has been known for quality, honesty, and integrity for more than 40 years.  We intend to keep that reputation for another 40 years and more. We’d like to start with your repair. Give us a call now for a no-obligation health checkup for your home’s exterior, if there’s a problem, let us fix it!