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7 Signs Your Roofing Contractor May Not Be Up to The Job

Are you dealing with a questionable roofing contractor?

Watch for These 5 Common Roofing Issues This Winter

Most roofing contractors are honest, hardworking and qualified. Roofers work hard to create a five star reputation in their community. Some are not so honorable.

Signs Your Roofer Contractor is not up to the Job:

  1. Storm Chasers – What happens when you need your roofing warranty and they are not around?
  2. BBB Accreditation – If they are not members of the Better Business Bureau, they’re not serious about their reputation.
  3. Lacking a Valid License & Proof of Liability Insurance – Don’t take a roofing contractor’s word for it.
  4. Unwilling to give a warranty on a new installation
  5. Bankruptcy/Debt – Be cautious when dealing with a roofing company that has recently changed its name or used to be called by another name.
  6. Are they certified by manufacturer of roofing products & does the manufacturer stand behind the residential roofing contractor’s work?
  7. What is the value of their name? A roofing company that carries the owner’s name is a good choice because they often have a good reputation in the community.

5 Smart Roofer’s Decisions To Make Before Winter

Ferris Home Improvement proudly carries the family name. We work hard to keep our stellar reputation as the #1 roofing contractors in Delaware. Call us at 302-998-4500 |

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Ferris Home Improvements proudly carries the family nameFerris Home Improvements proudly carries the family name. We work hard to keep our stellar reputation as the #1 home improvement contractor in Delaware.  We’ve been voted Delaware’s #1 Home Improvement Contractor 6 years in a row. We are insured and back up our work. Ferris Home Improvements is trusted throughout the community to do the right job for a fair price.

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