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Is It Time To Repair Your Roof? 5 Warning SignsMany homeowners stay away from questions about major home improvement projects, but it’s often better to act quick. Let’s take roofing as an example. If you’re experiencing problems like leaking, damaged or lost shingles, it’s good to talk to the Delaware Roofing Contractors to assess the problem as soon as possible. That way you might get lucky and only need to repair vs. replace the whole roof.

If only a small area of your roof is affected and needs some attention, a simple contractor’s job might be all it takes to resolve the issue. Even better if you already have extra shingles in backup, because then everything will match like new. It is important to keep in mind because an unevenly matched roof could greatly affect your home’s selling value in the future.

A partial replacement is another option worth looking into. If you decide to repair only a part of your roof, take into consideration how old and what condition your roof is. The older it is, the more it is possible that you’ll need to redo the entire roof. The last thing you want is to repair a little bit, and then deal with the rest in a few years.

The best way to save money on your roof repairs/replacement is acting fast. Don’t let the integrity of your roof cause damage to the rest of your home. Something like mold and mildew built up in ceilings and walls is very unhealthy and dangerous!

Our advice: Have your roof inspected by a professional you trust in order to get the most out your money’s worth.

Is It Time to Repair Your Roof? 5 Warning Signs:

  1.  Missing roof shingles, torn, curled at the edges, or simply past their life expectancy.
  2.  A sagging roof deck or other leaks that can’t easily be repaired.
  3. Big amounts of shingle granules in the gutters – a sign of advanced wear. It means shingles don’t protect your home as well as they used to.
  4.  A roof that experienced a lot of extreme weather conditions, such as hurricane type wind and thermal shock, which greatly affected it’s lifespan.
  5.  Rotting roof – mold and fungi growing excessively on a roof.

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