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How To Deal With Storm Damage

‘Tis the season for extreme weather and potential storm damage to your home! Knowing what to do when a summer storm hits your roof and destroys your siding is crucial to every home owner in Delaware. How to deal with storm damage? Acting fast and responsibly is the way to go when it comes to the well being of your property AND family. Don’t let those nasty thunderstorms or hurricanes that comes without much notice threaten your home! Make sure you fix the problem before it becomes something bigger than it was to begin with.

We all worry that dealing with the aftermath of a violent storm will be overwhelming and costly. But if you know how to manage getting emergency repair estimates and handle the insurance claims process ahead of time, it can mean less frustration, money and better results.

Knowing what to do when a storm hits your area, or most importantly your own house, can make a HUGE difference.

How To Deal With Storm Damage

1) Use a local, reputable company to repair your home. There’s nothing worse than a “storm-chaser” contractor who’s after your money, when all you need is a trustworthy and reliable work. There are contractors out there who will promise to help you with insurance compensation. They may even offer to cover your deductible. Stay clear from those! A warranty they might offer you won’t be as reliable as the one you get from a local, established company with good reputation. Reputable contractors in your area sure will be around for years to come when you need them.

2) Get 3 estimates from 3 established, companies to compare their work. Without those estimates, you won’t be sure just how much of storm damage needs to be repaired. Not to mention knowing whether you’re getting the best value for your investment or not.

3) Challenge your insurance company. It’s always good to do a little research and then challenge the amount they offer. Always keep the check handy… But you SHOULD NOT deposit it until you are certain and satisfied with the total cost. Depositing the check means accepting and closing your claim.

4) Spend the money to fix a storm damage. Better to repair that storm damage no matter how small it is, before it turns into a bigger nightmare. Example? Faulty gutters can manage to destroy your house from a top to bottom.

Make sure you get a dependable, qualified and trustworthy home improvement contractor to repair the damages.

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