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A Cure for the Bathroom Blues

Oh, that feeling when you really, really need to use the bathroom and there’s someone in there acting like they own it. Or that feeling when you’re getting ready for work and school, and three of you are trying to use the one bathroom mirror.  And then there’s that feeling when guests use the main bathroom right after the teenager showered and left his clothes all over the floor. We call these feelings the bathroom blues.

And it’s stress you just don’t need in your life. We have a suggestion for you.

Add a Half Bath

You’d be surprised how a small change to your home will cure the blues and – a bonus — will keep guests out of your main bathroom.  Yes, we’re talking about adding a half bath on your first floor or basement.  Now, now, before you say it (“We don’t have space for a bathroom on the first floor!”).  Wait a second.  There may be a way to get this done.

Do you have a staircase to the second floor? In many cases, we can add a small but charming bath in the unused space under the steps. Or maybe we can convert a closet or part of a hallway.

As a general rule of thumb, a half bath typically requires 18-20 square feet of floor space. But in some circumstances, we can fit one into far less space. And the very tiny-ness about it can make it charming.

Keep this in mind

Here are some things to think about when considering adding a powder room:

  • When you’re adding a half bath to a new location, you might need to add in the cost of running new plumbing lines.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation to prevent mold growth. You’ll need to make sure that your] install an exhaust fan or other ventilation.
  • A half bath obviously includes both a toilet and a sink. Wait until you see the adorable tiny sinks you can tuck into a small space.
  • You’ll need to plan carefully if you’re using an under-stairs location. Count on about 2.5 square feet for the toilet, the door will need about 3 square feet, and the ceiling should be 7 feet high in at least part of the space.

Call us for a free consultation

Do you want to beat the bathroom blues? Give us a call and let us stop over to discuss where and how you could add a half bath while ensuring that it meets building codes and regulations. Together, we just might be able to make mornings happy again.