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Got Storm Damage Make Sure You Do These 4 Things
Dealing with storm damage can be an intimidating process for any homeowner. Knowing how to handle emergency repair estimates and to navigate the insurance claims process ahead of time can mean less stress and better results. If you got storm damage, take these 4 steps to ensure your home and family are protected from future weather abnormalities.

Got Storm Damage? Make Sure You Do These 4 Things:

1) Use a local company.  Stay clear from a “storm-chaser” contractor! These companies will surely appear at your doorstep right after a storm hits your area. They will promise you the world, and then disappear with your money! Don’t let them trick you when they offer to help with your insurance compensation. Even worse if they want to cover your deductible in any way throughout your job. That’s illegal! These companies aren’t local, which means when their job is done, they’re gone! You won’t be able to reach them when your roof leaks again… The best solution is to find a local, established company with a good reputation for quality work and service. Thay way you can be sure they’ll be around in 10 years when a warranty might be necessary.

2) Get 3 estimates from 3 contractors. Choose 3 reputable, well-known companies in your area and get your estimates. It’s good to know what kind of damage you’re dealing with and how much money you need to budget in.

3) Do not accept the first offer from your insurance company.  Once you have your repair estimates, you can talk to your insurance company. We always encourage you to challenge the amount they offer. Hold on to the check in your possession AND DO NOT deposit it until you are sure the compensation is satisfactory. Once you deposit the check, it will be considered as acceptance and closure to your claim.

4) Invest in your home repairs right away. Small repairs can quickly turn into bigger home improvement nightmares, if you don’t act fast! When the storm damage includes your roof or siding, you need to properly maintain and protect your home’s lines of defenses from the elements in the future.


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