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Types Of Glass In Your Home

When you’re planning to replace windows and doors, or add new sliding glass doors to your home, if you think you don’t need to bother about the glass in them, you’re in for a surprise.  The right types of glass can provide everything from increased privacy and safety to noise reduction and energy savings.  It’s clear – glass deserves your thoughtful consideration.

First, let us explain the types of glass you can choose from for your doors or windows:

Annealed Glass — a softer glass that has been thermally treated and then slowly cooled to relieve any internal stresses.  Annealed glass can be cut, drilled, notched and edge finished.

This glass is more cost-effective than other types of glass.

Tempered Glass — Through a process of extreme heating

and rapid cooling, tempered glass – also known as safety glass — is four times stronger than annealed glass and is used for external doors and windows. It provides greater insulation than annealed glass and can absorb around 65% of the sun’s UV rays.

Laminated Safety Glass — made by adhering two pieces of annealed glass together with a vinyl interlayer, this thicker glass resists impact and is difficult to break. The vinyl layer holds the glass together if the glass is broken or impaled, making this a much safer alternative to regular annealed glass. It also can provide noise reduction, and when combined with tinting or Low-E coating, it can help control energy costs and UV damage to household contents.

Can I use glass in my front exterior door?

We’re often asked if it’s safe to use glass in the front door. The obvious answer is that it is as safe as using glass in your windows!  Your front door is your home’s first impression. Why not use it to show your creativity or personality and set your home stand apart from the others.

Use clear glass in your door to allow a view and bring natural light into your entry. To add privacy and visual interest, you can select from a wide range of decorative translucent glass patterns that incorporate your choice of beveled panes, thin-lined reed-look, hammered glass pattern, streamed glass that looks like a waterfall, arctic glass like frost, and other textures– in artistic designs that enhance your home’s exterior. Or to go even further, you can use “Inspiration Glass,” panes that you design and are custom-made for you.

We at Ferris Home Improvements install only U.S.-made Energy-Star awarded Provia brand windows and doors that are custom fit and designed for your home. Made in Ohio, these doors are manufactured to the industry’s highest standards of quality and workmanship. Their warranty is second to none. For ideas and

So, when you’re considering upgrading your exterior doors, remember to look beyond the door itself and add beauty, durability, safety, energy savings, customization and visual impact with your glass choices. Need assistance with they types of glass that are best for you? Give us a call today!