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This Fall, Look Up (at your roof!)

Schools have reopened, the mornings are cool, the cicadas are singing at night – all sure signs of Fall. Along with relief from the scorching summer heat, Fall brings… well, things that fall. Like leaves and sticks, rain and storms, and maybe even a roof shingle or two in your yard.

While the weather is still lovely, you might want to take time to prepare for what’s next: more things that fall, like the temperature and snow and ice.

Fall is the time to look up – to your roof. Freezing temperatures and regular snowfall can turn even small roof leaks into a much bigger problem.

Check for any of these: roof sagging, curling or cracked shingles, dark or dirty areas (can be a sign of granule loss), areas where flashing is missing or loose, and the dreaded water marks on your ceiling.damaged roof, missing shingles, roof repair

Dealing with a faulty roof is no fun any time of year, but winter is the worst time to deal with roof leaks and damage. So why not be proactive and schedule a roof checkup now?  Repairing any damage in Fall could help avoid more costly repairs later at an inconvenient time of year.

Here are five things you can do now to avoid problems later:

  • Have a roof inspection to make sure all shingles are secure and intact
  • Inspect the ceilings and attic for signs of leaking or exposed nails that have popped out of place
  • Check all flashing to see that it isn’t missing or loose
  • Install Gutter Guards to help prevent ice dams from severely damaging your gutters and roof.
  • Your cooling or heating bills have gone noticeably higher, a possible sign of a failing roof or inadequate insulation.

If you’ve seen any of those indicators of a failing roof, don’t panic. It may not be as bad as you fear. Give us a call and let us come out to your home and check it out with a free, no-obligation checkup. You’ll get an honest assessment, and we’ll show you photos of any damage or failing areas that we find.

We pride ourselves on knowing when your roof only needs repairs. We do not – never ever! – sell you a new roof if you only need repairs. Don’t believe that? Read the many online reviews of our work by people who thought they were in for a replacement but ended up only needing repairs.

Yes, we’re that kind of company – fair and honest. We want to earn your trust so that when it’s time for that replacement, you choose us. Our roofing teams are specialists with years of experience and knowledge. We’ll give you a written estimate for everything we need to do. And we won’t give you any pressure or scare tactics.

We have serviced roofs statewide for 30 years — from Claymont to Fenwick and adjoining areas— let us take a look at yours.