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vetting your roofing contractor

When your roof is damaged and needs repaired or replaced, finding a qualified and honest roofer is paramount. Many will contact a few roofers for free estimates and go with the cheapest quote. This could be a big mistake, as you may be get a subpar roof that won’t be guaranteed should something go wrong.

Knowledge is power!

Thoroughly vetting your roofing contractor can give you peace of mind, as you’ll be better able to choose one that has a stellar reputation in your community. You might even find that they are more affordable. In the long run, selecting the right roofing contractor for your roof replacement will make it much easier should future issues occur.

Check out these 5 Factors to look for when hiring a roofing contractor for your roof replacement.


  1. They have CUSTOMER-bestowed awards.  Things like “Readers’ Choice”, “Customer Service”, “Customer Satisfaction” or “Voted Delaware’s Best” should be key descriptors in the kinds of awards that not only ensures your roofing contractor is skilled in delivering top-notch craftsmanship, but also in delivering a top-notch customer experience!
  2. They are locally owned & operated.  Nothing ensures great service like a technician and owner knowing that they will see you again and again around town!
  3. They are stable.  They have a permanent office nearby.  They haven’t changed company names since they began the business (often done by companies to escape debt and/or bad customer reviews).
  4. They do not badger you. If a roofing contractor came to your door looking for you and won’t leave you alone once you informed them that you’re not ready to sign at the moment, then you can almost always bet that they are “storm chasers” or companies that do not want you to do your research on other companies in the area that might be better than them.  What is the rush? If you’ve made it clear you’re not ready, then what is the harm in calling them in another year?  Will they not be around?
  5. They belong to a professional roofing organization. A roofing contractor that is truly professional is one that keeps up on the industry’s latest technology, installation techniques, and safety measures.  If your roofing contractor belongs to the NRCA, or National Roofing Contractor Association, or an equivalent, then they pay an annual membership to keep in the loop with the industry’s latest.


Finding a reliable roofer is a fairly simple and straight forward process if you are dealing with a trustworthy roofing contractor. After all, good roofing companies have nothing to hide.

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