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What Is YOUR Dream Kitchen?

They understood the Assignment

We see you there, surfing the internet looking at ideas for designing your dream kitchen, wistfully envisioning turning your 1990s kitchen into a Chef’s kitchen suitable for Johanna Gaines. We know because we’ve done that, too.  The problem is, you see, most of us don’t have a huge house and unlimited funds.

So, after you’ve redesigned your Dream Kitchen on a piece of graph paper, you bring it to us and we look at it and say, “well… maybe not.”

And it’s not as easy as popping over to Ikea and ordering cool new cabinets and the coolest faucet you’ve ever seen.

There’s a lot that goes into designing your dream kitchen that the pictures on the internet don’t tell you. Do you have a wall that you want to be removed? Do you know if it’s load-bearing? Do you have an oversized range you want to install? How’s the electrical power for that? Do you want that extra-large island that seats 20 people? What does that do to your everyday traffic flow?

Your designer will create a computer-based floor plan, gather design options, and come back to get your reactions.  And they will continue to alter and tweak the plan until you say it’s perfect.  Only then will the scope of work, planning and ordering materials begin.

We suggest you save yourself some time and disappointment by starting with a professional kitchen designer from Ferris Home Improvements rather than Safari.  We’ll come to your house, and the first thing we do is listen to you. Here are some if the kitchen renovation items we’ll discuss:

  • What are your problems with the kitchen as it is?
  • What is most important to improve?
  • What are your likes and dislikes in materials and finishes?
  • Do you want a complete tear-down, walls removed, doors added, or any other significant change that impacts structural integrity? Or, do you really just need upgrades and surface improvements while leaving appliances and walls where they are.
  • Was your home built when lead paint and asbestos were routinely used?
  • And finally, you might want to spend $50,000 on your kitchen but should you? How much do you want to invest in your house, how long will you continue to live there, and how much will that $50,000 kitchen actually add to your home’s value?

You can plan on a standard kitchen upgrade taking three to four weeks and your investment will probably be in the general range of $35,000 for materials and labor.  But those are just averages; depending on your needs and wishes, it could take longer and cost more. Surprises mid-job are not usually fun, and that’s why it’s important for you and our designer both to understand the assignment.

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