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Delaware Roofers 5 Tips to Protect Your Roof From Winter Damage

With winter just round the corner, Ferris Home Improvements of Delaware would like to share these 5 roofer tips to protect your roof from winter damage. The cold months bring all types of challenges to your home’s #1 Defense system. First of all, your roof needs to be ready to protect your home from the harsh temperatures ahead.

As we enter the winter months, it is very important to perform a full roof inspection that details checking the roof sub-structure. Begin by calling a local roofer, such as Ferris Home Improvements to do a full roof inspection. Likewise, if you are the hands on DIY kind, inspect your roof for warning signs that your roof needs maintenance. Make sure it is sound and not soft or sagging. Focus on flashing areas to make sure they are up to the task ahead and working properly.

Furthermore, protect your family and furnishings by addressing any issues that arise. The cost of negligence is ALWAYS higher than regular roof repair and roof replacement, if necessary. With that in mind, check out our list of ways to protect your roof from winter damage.

5 Tips to Protect Your Roof From Winter Damage:

  1. Clean and Fix Gutters: Clogged and faulty gutters can lead to excessive icicle formation, which are hazardous to those below and to your home. While these gleaming ice formations can be pretty, the excess weight can damage your roof and gutters. Clean all leaves and debris out of gutters. Be sure to caulk any leaking seams or repair loose connections.
  2. 2. Proper Attic Insulation & VentilationProper Attic Insulation & Ventilation: Attics with inadequate insulation or roof ventilation systems enable excess condensation, which leads to mold and mildew damage. Additionally, moisture might seep into cracks and freeze. This will widen the cracks causing damage and possible leakage.
  3. Inspect Flashing : This is where water typically finds its way to your home’s interior and causes the most damage. Look at your valley ways, chimney and any sidewalls for possible leakage issues.
  4. Repair Loose or Missing Shingles: This is an obvious one. Missing or loose shingles will allow moisture to seep underneath as the freeze and thaw cycle occurs. This can affect the integrity of your roof and is an easy fix. Why take a chance?
  5. Replace Sagging or Rotting Roof: If your roof is obviously sagging or rotting, fix it before heavy snow and ice can create an even bigger problem. Failure to mitigate a compromised roof is costly and dangerous.

Regular Roof Inspections can Save You Money!

Ferris Home Improvements is very aware that a residence’s roof is the first line of defense against the elements. It is better to be prepared than under prepared when it comes the integrity of your roof. Call us to schedule a routine inspection or for a FREE consultation before the next winter storm comes.

Ferris Home Improvements proudly carries the family nameFerris Home Improvements proudly carries the family name. We work hard to keep our stellar reputation as the #1 roofing contractors in Delaware.  We’ve been voted Delaware’s #1 Home Improvement Contractor 6 years in a row. We are insured and back up our roof installations with a warranty. Whether it is as a Residential or Commercial Roofing Contractor. A simple shingle replacement job or shingle repair in Delaware. Ferris Home Improvements is trusted throughout the community to do the right roofing job for a fair price.

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Delaware Roofers 5 Tips to Protect Your Roof From Winter Damage