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What Do You About That Deck?

If you’re a homeowner thinking about adding a new deck or replacing a worn-out one, you’ve probably spent hours on the internet looking at all the daunting deck decisions when it comes to planning, building, and using a deck.  

Here are answers to some of the daunting questions about your deck you may have:

Q. Do I really need a professional or can I build the deck by myself with my neighbor’s help?

A: Successful DIY projects can save you money and will give you a lot of satisfaction. Unsuccessful projects will waste your money, time and good humor.

Before you jump into an investment like a deck, make sure you have a complete picture of what you’re getting into. Be certain that you have ample time to take on this project and the skills to complete a safe and code-compliant deck.

We often get calls from folks who started a deck but soon realized they were in over their heads and want us to finish it. This is never the ideal scenario for either party.  Once the homeowners start talking to us, they often end up learning about deck options they wish they had included but might not be able to add at that project stage.

Q: Custom-designed anything is always expensive. Can I afford a custom deck?

A: If you’re concerned about the cost, never fear. We are always creative and aim to stretch your budget to within an inch of its life. Our experienced staff have designed decks for all budgets. And we’ll give you a free pricing quote that will explain the costs in detail to help you understand how your design makes the best use of your investment.

Q. All the pictures I see online are large, fancy, tricked-out decks. What kind of deck will be right for my modest suburban house?

A: This is exactly why we have experienced deck designers on our staff. We will make sure your deck complements your home and doesn’t overpower it. It needs to work for your house traffic patterns, offer convenient exit doorways and avoid interfering with windows, views and decorative structures.

Q. I’ve seen square decks, rectangles, ovals, multi-levels, gracefully curved decks, decks built around a tree, decks with pergolas… how do I decide what design I should choose?

A: Our experienced deck designers have been planning custom deck designs for years. Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving on an existing deck, property size and house position influence our deck design plans.

Our designers will ask you about how you want to use the deck, how much space you need for friends and family events, whether you need an outdoor kitchen or a stand-alone grill, what kind of seating you prefer – built-ins or movable stations – to come up with a plan that combines form and function.

Our designers know all the options for configurations and fulfilling your needs, and they will help you make your best decisions based on your design aesthetic, your desires and your budget.


Q: I know there are many decking materials to choose from. How do I decide what will give my deck the functionality, safety, long life and appearance I want – within my budget?

A: We have the skill and knowledge to build your project using the type of decking you prefer, from cedar, hardwoods and bamboo to any of a variety of composites.

Keep in mind that pressure-treated lumber could cost less initially, the annual maintenance costs are significantly higher. Wood decks are susceptible to mold, decay and insects, as well as weather damage. Maintaining a wood deck can cost up to $500 per year or more.

We recommend you consider today’s upgraded composites that give you low maintenance, long lifespan and wood-like appearance, all at great prices. These environmental-friendly products are often made from 100 percent recycled plastics, and therefore avoid splintering, cracking, rotting and warping.

We have certified platinum designers and installers for industry-leading Fiberon Decking and Trex Composite Decking (we’re the only certified Platinum Fiberon installer in Delaware). You’ll choose your favorites from the variety of wood-look features, with a variety of colors, grains and thicknesses, that they offer.  When you’re enjoying the deck instead of working on it, you’ll be glad you chose wisely.

Q  We want to be able to use the deck at night. How do you recommend that we add light?

A.  We’ll advise you on proper lighting using unique placements (on handrails, deck posts, staircases and walls) that give you the ambiance you want and the safety you insist on. We recommend low-voltage LED decking lights with long life and low electricity consumption.

Q. My deck will likely be in the sun all afternoon. What’s the best way to add shade to my deck?

A. Incorporate custom-designed shade structures such as a pergola, plant arbors, and gazebos. These beautiful and functional shade structures will make your deck comfortable and inviting all summer long.

Q.  When should I contact Ferris to discuss my deck?

A.  Call us now! The ramp-up to get permits, plans and materials ready can take more time than you might expect. Be sure to get on our schedule as soon as possible. Decks are popular and new decks are in high demand now that people are staying home more. You’ll be wanting to use the deck this spring and summer, so the time to start is now.