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Siding Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal

In the age of online house shopping, curb appeal moves to a whole new level of importance and value. If the little thumbnail-size photos aren’t eye-catching, you’ve made it a lot harder to get a potential buyer to click.

But even if you’re not moving, there’s just nothing like pulling into your driveway and seeing a clean, visually appealing house with creative use of color and design. And if it just happens to be maintenance-free, well…. don’t you just love it?

Not your father’s siding

Your siding can make or break the curb appeal of your home. Today’s updated and upgraded siding products say something about you – are you daring, clever, conservative, artistic, or practical? And they work for you, too. They’re maintenance-free, fire-resistant, insulated, noise-canceling, and long-lasting.

At Ferris Home Improvements, we prefer CertainTeed siding products. With their wide range of styles and more than 40 colors, your home doesn’t have to look like every other house on the block.

Just imagine, among a row of tan houses, yours can sport a deep, rich color that looks exactly like real wood – but better. Choose from woodgrain, beaded, clapboard, cedar look, board and batten, and milled cedar shakes and shingles. Then add complementing architectural trim and yours is a standout.

But siding isn’t just another pretty face. Outstanding curb appeal can add 14 percent to the value of your home. At sale, you can get as much as 5% more with updated siding. New siding can save you some 10 percent on heating and cooling. And for maintenance, you’re looking at a bucket of soap and water, not a several-thousand-dollar full paint job on wood. Durable vinyl siding resists termites and wood-boring insects, and has the best fire safety rating of any exterior product you can get.

Do it right

One last thing before you go. And it’s a big one. Installation. Many of those benefits we just talked about depend upon quality, professional installation. A siding application that doesn’t meet the standards of Certain Teed will void the warrantee. Moreover, substandard installation may result in siding that’s not airtight, not insulating, and isn’t still there after a big storm.

So choose Ferris Home Improvements and get the quality you deserve and that you’re paying for. Call us, let’s talk. Don’t put it off. Spring is going to come, we promise. Get your project on our plate as soon as possible.