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Conquer the Clutter! How to Keep Organized During Child Rearing Years

Does your home feel a little small due to a new addition to the family? While the joy of parenting cannot be expressed in mere words, there are times when chaos can rule the roost.

The clutter that comes with babies and toddlers can wreak havoc on the traditional home and often a simple renovation can help conquer the chaos. Creating ambience in the home by having proper storage for all the baggage that comes with rearing a family can take a lot of stress away, giving you a more calm and organized life.

So why not consider solving these issues so you can concentrate on what is truly important … Your Kids!

Here are 5 Great Home Improvements for Families with Kids

1) A new kitchen with built-in organization throughout the cabinets and pantry. So all your sippy cups are well-organized and snacks are in a location with accessibility you can control.

2) A deck with custom baby gates installed at the top of the stairways. Outdoor fun without the constant worry! Mom & dad can sit and enjoy the outdoors while the kids roam the deck around them even on their ride-on toys.

3) A new bathroom with a high-walled soaker tub. Lots more splashing fun with a lot less water mess outside of the tub! Oh yeah, and mom can treat herself to a soak after the kids go to bed too!

4) Install new windows that have better modern child safety improvements or skylights or doors that offer more natural sunlight into your home where the kids play throughout the day.

5) Finish a basement with custom storage or play-areas built into awkward areas. Build a clubhouse into the space under the stairs.

Creatively using space you already have, but is under-utilized can often solve the clutter issue. So think about how you can add shelving or rotating bins to keep the paths clear and easier to navigate.

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