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How To Have a Clean Remodel In 4 Easy Steps

Let’s be honest. Dealing with noise, smelly odors and dusty air during a home remodel can be frustrating. We all have been there, and it’s a fact living in the house while remodeling can be rather challenging. But what if we told you that it’s possible to have a clean remodel?

The key to any successful project is preparation. If only we spent as much time on planning our home improvement projects as we did on the actual process, we could limit all the mess that comes with it! Ask your friends for advice, talk to you contractors, assess the possible damage beforehand, and we guarantee, living in the house while you’re remodeling will be that much less of an inconvenience.

Want to know our 4 trusted solutions for a clean remodel? Read along!


How To Have a Clean Remodel In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Seal off the work zone. Use plastic covers to keep all the dust contained in the work zone only!
  2. Watch your vents in the work zone. Stuff or close the vents. That way nothing will fall down the vents.
  3. Use a shop vac to clean drywall dust. Try to stay away from your regular vacuum cleaner… The tiniest particles can clog your machine and make it less efficient in the future.
  4. Change your air filter after your remodel is completed.

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Let’s face it, being a home owner means there’s always something to clean up. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your life easier! Just implement our 4 Easy Steps for a Clean Remodel and see what happens! Magic!

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