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They Huff and They Puff and They Blow Your Roof Down

Surviving wind storms and hurricanes

Delaware has endured several high-wind storms in recent months.  Our readers in Hockessin and Sussex County know what we’re referring to. Less frequently, hurricanes and tropical storms have hit our area. Have you found shingles on your lawn that were blown off by the force? Two main reasons shingles blow off under wind stress are poor installation and/or insufficient wind rating for the chosen shingle product. To put that into context, here the wind speeds for hurricanes:

Category 1 hurricane: 74-95 mph

Category 2 hurricane: 96-110 mph

Category 3 hurricane: 111-129 mph

Category 4 hurricane: 130-156 mph

Category 5 hurricane: 157 mph or higher

SureNail Technology

Roofs with commonly-used shingles will experience some blow-off beginning at Category 1. That’s why we at Ferris Home Improvements offer the industry-leading highest wind-rated Owens Corning Duration Series shingles. infographic of SureNailroof shingles

These shingles have a patented “SureNail” technology that makes them two and one-half times more resistant to nail pull-through, nine times more resistant to wind damage and two times more resistant to delamination, where the layers of the shingles degrade and pull apart.

The advantage of the unique Duration® shingles is that they are produced with a wide engineered fabric strip in the nailing area that provides a triple layer of reinforcement in the nailing zone.  Most competitive shingles have only one layer. The fabric strip forms a strong seal around the nail, so strong that removing the shingle often requires pulling the whole nail out of the plywood deck. And so, this performance advantage results in a 130 mph wind warranty, as much as 30 mph more than average shingles.

Starter Strip Plus shingles

Another unique Owens Corning technology is the Starter Strip Plus shingle. In traditional roofing jobs, shingles around the edges of the roof are hand-cut. Starter Strip Plus shingles are pre-cut by machine and therefore provide a uniform straight edge at the eave for a clean finished look.  They are manufactured with a sealant that effectively bonds the starter to the roof deck and to the first course of shingles. What this means for you is a cleaner look, quicker installation and superior adhesion and waterproofing.

Owens Corning Certified Platinum Preferred Contractor

In conclusion, as an Owens Corning Certified Platinum Preferred Contractor, Ferris Home Improvements can offer our customers the industry’s top-of-the-line roofing products, but we also are able to offer our customers the full warranties for these products as well.

So, if you are considering a new roof, make sure to look into the latest roofing technologies and certified roofing companies that will give you optimum confidence in your choice. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation.