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Bathroom Safety

Sandwich Generation and Bathroom Safety With people living longer and often staying in their homes longer, there’s a new group known as the “Sandwich Generation.”  Those people, generally in their 40s and early 50s, are responsible for their aging parents while still raising their children or paying for college.  If you’re one of them, you’re […]

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Spring Rains Show Us Who’s Boss

Spring Showers (and Summer Rain) If April showers bring May Flowers, then a May full of monsoon-like spring rains that we had at the beginning of this month — brings clogged gutters.  It’s hard to focus on gutters and gutter guards, the unsung heroes of exteriors. But fail to give them some respect, and you […]

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Designing Your Dream Kitchen!

What Is YOUR Dream Kitchen? They understood the Assignment We see you there, surfing the internet looking at ideas for designing your dream kitchen, wistfully envisioning turning your 1990s kitchen into a Chef’s kitchen suitable for Johanna Gaines. We know because we’ve done that, too.  The problem is, you see, most of us don’t have […]

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Bathrooms – You Didn’t Know You Wanted This!

How Is Your Bathroom Style? Remember that all-white and marble bathroom renovation project you were planning before the pandemic hit? You might want to give that neutral palette and standard fixtures plan a second thought – it’s so two years ago!  Bathroom style trends have taken a turn to higher-tech, warmer in color and materials, […]

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Replacement Roofing – Let’s Start at the Top

New Roof or Replacement Roof? Home roofing is likely to be a big investment, so you’ll want to be absolutely certain you’re making the right decisions about what to do, how to do it, and who will do the best job for you.  Take solace in knowing that a new, replacement roof will return some […]

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Daunting Deck Decisions – FAQ

What Do You About That Deck? If you’re a homeowner thinking about adding a new deck or replacing a worn-out one, you’ve probably spent hours on the internet looking at all the daunting deck decisions when it comes to planning, building, and using a deck.   Here are answers to some of the daunting questions […]

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