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Bathroom Remodeling

Medicine. Ointments. Shampoo. Shaving cream. Razor blades. Perfumed soap. Not-perfumed soap. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths. Cleaning products. Wound-care products. Facial creams and cosmetics. Hot water bottle and a heating pad. Six curling irons of various sizes. Combs and brushes. Bathtub toys.

Oh, yes, a sink, toilet, and tub. Now how am I supposed to fit all of that in sixty square feet?

When planning a bathroom or a remodel, you’ll find a host of ways to configure and customize your bathroom for functionality and efficiency. But one thing you can’t change?  That 60 square feet of floor space.

So be creative and find ways to conserve floor space and increase storage capacity at the same time. Ask your Ferris Home Improvement designer to help you find the latest hidden storage and space-saving options, such as:

  • The new modern medicine cabinets integrate with a shelving unit for storage on either side and below the cabinet.
  • Recessed storage cabinets between studs, just as you do with the medicine cabinet. Tall, thin recessed cabinets offer vertical storage that is perfect for the myriad of small products needed in a bathroom. Choose paintable doors and color-match your walls, and the cabinetry practically disappears.
  • A short, vertical recessed toilet paper cabinet tucked down by the fixture stops the roll from taking up vertical space and also can have shelves or cubbies/basket storage for spare rolls and cleaning products.
  • Plan for an under-sink vanity cabinet that sports a built-in U-shape shelf that lets you use space to the left and right of plumbing in addition to the cabinet floor.
  • Remember to incorporate slim-space units in the ordinarily unused tight spaces next to the vanity and toilet or between the toilet and bathtub.
  • A newly popular choice is the behind-the-door cabinet – a slim, tall cabinet that can be mounted on the door hinge or on the wall, allowing for storage in a space that would otherwise be wasted.
  • When planning your shower/tub area, build in a niche or two for soap, razors, and shampoo. Then you won’t need one of those chrome shelves that stand in the corner and invite mold.
  • Have your installer place an open shelf above the door and use it for extra towels and toilet paper storage.
  • Clad your bathtub with wood and install cabinetry in the toe-kick space. Some tub cabinets have tip-out trays that keep the shampoo and razor at your fingertips at the rim of the tub.

The pace for creating space-saving innovations has moved into high gear. Staying home during COVID meant living with inadequate storage, that results in spaces being cluttered and hard to clean.  Your Ferris Home Improvement designer knows what’s new and what works. Be sure to start your planning with a professional.