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Don’t let your vinyl siding installation be botched!

Vinyl siding is durable, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free. It comes in a wide range of colors and styles, and it has been the exterior finish of choice for homeowners for many years.

Unfortunately, we see many instances where DIY and even professionally installed siding is improperly installed, leading to some pretty dire consequences. For the average person, installation mistakes can be virtually unrecognizable – until the problems creep up.

Here are some issues that can arise from improper installation:

Rotting wood beneath

Your home needs to breathe. Vinyl siding that is installed too tightly can result in rotted or wet wood underneath. A quality installer knows how to nail “loose” leaving a tiny space between the nail head and the vinyl, rather than drive the nails home

Siding appears wavy

Over time, wind can cause waviness in the siding. This condition occurs when installers leave too much space between fasteners. A quality installation doesn’t skimp on fasteners and preserves the long-term beauty of the finished product.

Too much overlap in panels

The siding industry standard for overlap is 1 inch to 1.25 inches where panels meet. Too much of an overlap will restrict the ability to move which can result in waving over time.

Visible seams

Applying the siding panels in a random stack is important to avoid the appearance of seam lines that climb up the house or long lines parallel to the ground running around the house. Not taking the extra effort to stagger the panels won’t harm the functionality of the product, but it does leave an unpleasant appearance.

New siding is a significant investment in the beauty and long-term health of your home. When choosing an installer, make sure you see photos of many of their installations so you can look for the most visible mistakes such as waviness and visible seams. Sadly, even companies that professionally install vinyl siding can do a less-than-perfect job, leaving you with the potential for costly repairs in the future.

At Ferris Home Improvements, we are experts at vinyl siding installation and are proud to be designated as 5-star installers of Mastic, CertainTeed and Alside and we also offer James Hardie cement board siding products.