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A Roofing Contractor to Look Up To

Clearly, a solid foundation and reliable roof are two of the most important factors in maintaining a sound home.  A leaking or failing roof can cause serious damage to your home’s structure and interior.

If you’re a devoted DIY-er, we urge you to think twice before deciding to do roof work – not just because we want you to use our services (we do) but because it’s complicated, skilled work that can have long-term consequences if not properly done.

Let’s talk about the cost of roof replacement – or as we prefer to call it — investment in roof replacement.

  • These are the elements of a roof – often called a roof system: Underlayment, ice and water shield, ventilation system, ridge capping, flashing, drip edge, pipe boots, and finally, shingles. Each of these elements impact a new roof’s budget, and while there are many price ranges for each item, generally this isn’t a place to try to save money.
  • Roof penetrations — the vents, skylights, chimneys, etc. that protrude out of your roof – all increase the amount of time and skill needed to complete the new roof.
  • Make sure your planning includes materials for waterproofing that will last long-term. The type of underlayment and decking materials used, the ventilation and insulation and the types of fasteners applied all are offered with varying levels of performance, longevity, manufacturing cost, and thus price.
  • Finish details and prep details affect the cost of the roofing job. For instance, the lumber being used for fascia and rafters, the finishing sealants and counter-flashing all play a critical role the look of your finished roof and the cost you will pay.
  • The roofing product itself affects the aesthetic design, the roof’s weight, its durability and ultimate longevity. For sloped roofs, asphalt shingles are a solid entry-level priced product, and the popular dimensional lifetime shingles demand an increased price. Concrete and clay tile tend to be more of a mid-range option with synthetic, wood shake, metal roofing and traditional slate being in the higher range roofing products.

There are variables even within the labor cost. Keep in mind that a very steep-pitched roof is generally considered not walkable and so crews require greater safety considerations and they will most likely take longer to complete the job when working under these conditions. A roof with facets, angles and gables will take longer to complete, as well due to the amount of detail work required.

As we said in the beginning, addressing roof issues is much more technical than the average homeowner might expect. Make sure your roofing company gives you honest, sound advice and a great warrantee. From repairs to replacements, make sure you call us for your roofing needs! The proof is in the roof.