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How Can Our 5 Roofer Tips Help You Avoid a Nightmare Before Christmas?

5 Roofer Tips to Help You Avoid a Nightmare Before Christmas

Obviously there is no good time for a leaky roof. But a leak right before the holidays can add anxiety. Especially when things are already a little more stressful. The holidays add higher demand on our time and focus. The last thing homeowners want is to deal with a faulty roof. However, if left unchecked, a leaking roof cost more than it should. Ignored leaks caused by missing or deteriorated shingles could be a very costly delay.

Don’t let a leaky roof dampen the spirit of the holiday season. Contact Ferris Home Improvements for your residential roof repairs or roof replacement today. We can get your home’s #1 defense working  hard to keep everyone warm and dry for the winter months ahead.

Our roofing contractors schedule a roof replacement job when weather conditions are favorable. Plus we have a team of roofers on site to tear off old roofing shingles and neatly cart off in a dumpster. That way, the mess can be gone in a jiff so you can get back to enjoying a season of good cheer.

You can count on Ferris Home Improvements to get your roof repairs done professionally. We’ll saving you from costly investments and aggravation that an unfixed leak can cause. Avoid having to continually clean up after leaks that cause damage to your home’s furnishing, ceiling and flooring. Plus lead to unhealthy indoor air quality cause by mold and mildew growth on damp dry board and insulation.

5 Roofer Tips to Avoid a Nightmare before Christmas:

  1. Roof Inspection & Shingle Repairs: Have a trusted, local roofer come out to inspect your roof for any loose or faulty shingles. Finding weak areas outside before they work their way inside can save you from have to do more costly repairs. It’s worth the investment!
  2. A Sagging Roof is a Danger Sign: A roof that is bowed and sagging is a HUGE indication that the integrity of your roof is compromised. Going into the winter months, where heavy snow, freezing rain and hail could easily make it’s way inside your home is NOT a good bet. Call a reputable local roofing contractor for a free estimate today!
  3. Gutter and Down Spout Maintenance: Before the freeze sets in and after all the leaves have dropped is the optimal time to clean out and fix any leaks or loose attachments on your home’s gutters and down spouts. Make sure your down spouts are strategically pointed away from your home’s foundation. Also steer them away from any walkways or driveways.
  4. Seal/Coat any Flat Roof areas: If your home has any type of flat roofing, get a fresh coating. This will ensure your roof will stand up to the freeze and thaw cycles ahead.
  5. Remove Tree Hazards: Mature trees too close to the house can be much more dangerous in the winter months. Heavy snows, freezing rain and high winds are all conditions that could send a large branch or the entire tree itself onto your home’s roof. The damage to a roof could be catastrophic during the winter season.

Great news: Ferris Home Improvements is Delaware’s #1 local roofing contractor capable of getting your roof ready for the winter. We are honored to be the winners of Reader’s Choice in The News Journal Best Home Improvement Company 6 years in a row! | 302.998.4500  | Contact Us

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