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The brisk winds have hit the Delaware Valley as a reminder that we need to prepare for the winter months ahead. As we rake the leaves, winterize patios and outdoor areas, many homeowners fail to take notice of the condition of their roof.  Preparing your roof for winter is paramount to ensuring the comfort and safety of your loved ones.

Is Your Roof READY for Winter?

This is a question that should be in the forefront of our minds as we scurry around the yard battening down the furniture, wrapping at risk shrubs and trees, stowing away grills and lawn equipment. Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. WHY wouldn’t you want to do a full roof inspection to ensure it can withstand heavy snow, freezing rain and high winds?

With that in mind, Ferris Home Improvements, Delaware’s #1 Roofer has created this ‘7 Tips on Preparing Your Roof for Winter’ infographic to give you a visual guide to all the steps involved in preparing your roof for the long winter ahead. Please feel free to share this with friends and family and give us a call. Our roofing contractors can perform full roof inspections to ensure your roof is ready for winter.

7 Tips Getting Roof Ready for Winter


7 Tips Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Have Your Roofing Contractor Check for the Following:

  1. Loose or Faulty Shingles
  2. Storm Damage
  3. Leaks
  4. Premature Aging
  5. Does it Need Cleaning?
  6. Drainage Issues
  7. Clean out & Repair Gutters

Regular Roof Inspections can Save You Money!

Ferris Home Improvements is very aware that a residence’s roof is the first line of defense against the elements. It is better to be prepared than under prepared when it comes the integrity of your roof. Call us to schedule a routine inspection or for a FREE consultation before the next winter storm comes.

Ferris Home Improvements proudly carries the family nameFerris Home Improvements proudly carries the family name. We work hard to keep our stellar reputation as the #1 roofing contractors in Delaware.  We’ve been voted Delaware’s #1 Home Improvement Contractor 6 years in a row. We are insured and back up our roof installations with a warranty. Whether it is as a Residential or Commercial Roofing Contractor. A simple shingle replacement job or shingle repair in Delaware. Ferris Home Improvements is trusted throughout the community to do the right roofing job for a fair price.

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