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Now that the kids are back to school and the fall weather is fast approaching, it’s time to create a fall maintenance list. We strongly suggest making the first item on that list a roof inspection by a qualified roofing contractor. Every homeowner should make their home’s roof a top priority as it is the first line of defense against the elements.

If your roof is not in good condition, the soon to come winter weather could wreak havoc on your home. High winds, hurricanes, blizzards, sleet, hail and other hazardous elements can allow water to infiltrate your home. Once this happens, your home could become an unhealthy breeding ground for toxic mold and mildew. Protect your assets, but mainly protect your loved ones by having your roof thoroughly inspected this fall.

Fall is the perfect time for shingle roof replacement or shingle repair, thanks to the cooler weather. Have your roof examined by a roofing company to determine the condition of your roof. That way you’ll have plenty of time to get your roof repaired, maintained and ready for winter. It can be one of the wisest home maintenance decisions you’ll make this year.

Check Out Our Latest Infographic, ‘7 Tips: Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter‘:


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