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Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

This is one of the questions our Delaware Roofing contractors get the most. There are certain signs that a simple roof repair will not solve your overall roofing problems.

Ferris Home Improvements strongly suggest that you have a trusted roofing company come and do a full roof inspection. An experienced roofer knows what signs to look for when assessing whether a roof needs replacement versus repair.

Roof Replacement versus Roof Repair

It is natural for homeowners to put off roof replacement. Often, they will opt for partial replacement or re-roofing over an existing faulty roof.  This could make sense if the overall structure of the roof is sound.

When Roof Repairs Are Not an Option

Some roofers will agree to roof repairs that will push the homeowners roofing problem further down the road.  This can end up costing the homeowner more money and compromise their home’s interior.

When a faulty roof allows water to seep into a home, not just ceilings, walls and furnishings are at risk. The overall Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is at risk due to trapped water. This encourages mildew and mold to grow between walls and insulation.

Bad IAQ Affects Your Health

Many homeowners have a family member that suffers from some sort breathing disorder, such as asthma. Moisture in the home encourages growth of mold spores, invisible irritants that travel through the air. Roof leaks are dangerous to those vulnerable to such irritants.

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home that keeps your family and possessions safe. Proper Roof Replacement is paramount if you want to protect them. Why take a chance?

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof:

  1. Age: A roof is not meant to last for more than 2 to 3 decades, depending on the composition of your roof (asphalt shingles last about 20 years, fiber cement shingles last about 25 years and wood shingles and shakes last about 30 years) climate and weather conditions.
  2. 7 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Roof

    Shingle Granules in the Gutters: This is a sign of failing or deteriorating shingles more often due to age or exposure to extreme weather conditions such as hail or storm damage.

  3. Shingles Curling or Buckling: These can all be signs of a bigger, underlying problem, such as poor roof ventilation, improperly installed felt, or compromised roof structure.
  4. Missing Shingles: If roofing shingles go missing due to a storm, shingle replacement may be the only need. However, naturally missing shingles could be a sign of many more to fall, leaving your roof vulnerable and in need of replacement.
  5. Ceiling Spots: Stains on indoor ceiling is a big sign that your roof is failing. Have an experienced roofer inspect attic for signs of moisture or leaks. Check chimney or air vents for cracks or faulty flashing.
  6. Faulty Roof Valleys: Missing or deteriorated shingles in this area is a danger sign that you need a new roof. Valleys are the most important area of your roof and if compromised, can allow moisture to seep into your home.
  7. Excessively High Energy Bills: This could indicate that energy is escaping because your roof is underperforming or due to subpar insulation and ventilation. Have a roofing expert inspect and assess what is causing the high heating and cooling bills.

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