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#1 Question about Roof Replacement before winter – Can your roof withstand the winter rains, sleet, hail, snow and high winds ahead?

7 Reasons You’ll Be Thankful for Using FHI as Your Roof Replacement ContractorWith winter on its way, homeowners should inspect their roof to ensure it is up to the challenges ahead. If you are experiencing leaks due to missing shingles, rotting wood or compromised flashing, our roofers can get your roof repaired or replaced quickly.

Ferris Home Improvements roofers are dependable, honest and qualified roofing contractors.   Our customers love us and we have received the Readers’ Choice award for Delaware’s #1 Roofing Contractor five years in a row!

The cost of roof replacement is something most homeowners do not like to think about – however, if you ignore the danger signs that your roof needs replacement, it could end up costing you a lot more. Leaking roofs can cause damage to interior and exterior walls, furnishings and flooring. Moisture trapped in between drywall and insulation can grow mold and cause unhealthy Indoor Air Quality.

Protect your family and belongings by making wise homeowner decisions and making sure your roof is ready for the freeze and thaw cycles that can wreak havoc on your home. If your roof, your home’s first line of defense, is not up to the job get in touch with Ferris Home Improvements for a free estimate.

Roof replacement is something that most homeowners face at some point in their life.  Knowing when a full roof replacement is necessary versus roof repair can be a confusing dilemma. At Ferris Home Improvements, we offer free estimates on both and can help guide you towards the right decision for your home.

We can let you know if damaged or missing shingles simply need repaired or if the shingles have reached the end of their useful life and need replaced.  Shingles that are cracked or curled at the edges are an indication that the roof will need replacing.

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Here are 7 Reasons you’ll be Thankful for Hiring FHI as Your Roof Replacement Contractor

  1. Experience: Ferris Home Improvements’ roof replacement crew are expert Shingle Roofing installers in Delaware area has over 40 years of combined experience in the roofing industry, our..
  2. Guarantees: Our comprehensive shingle roof services offer customers the highest quality workmanship and our installations are guaranteed to withstand decades of exposure to the sun and elements
  3. Custom Design: We work closely with you to select the best shingle products to match your unique needs for quality, performance, and budget.
  4. Warranties: Our roofing installations come with full warranties, so you have peace of mind knowing that your roof will last its expected life span.
  5. Financing: We collaborate with GE Capital to offer financing up to $25,000 for eligible roof replacement customer.
  6. Affordable: Most of our business is referral-based, so we save significant money on advertising, and we pass that savings onto our customers!
  7. Customer Service: Ferris Home Improvements offer top of the line service – we are efficient, respectful, and professional.

7 Reasons You’ll Be Thankful for Using FHI as Your Roof Replacement Contractor

Check out our Roofing Gallery page to see how Ferris Home Improvements has already helped other local homeowners maintain their properties as safe, secure, energy-efficient, and valuable investments. Or, just call or ask us online about your particular need! We are here to serve you.