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Take Care of Home Check-ups and Small Repairs Now

damaged siding, small repairs, home shckup for fall, energy efficiency
Look for damaged siding that lets in cold air and permits rain penetration

Sunday, November 6 is the end of Daylight Savings time in 2022.  With the shortest days ahead of us () you need to get serious now and take care of home checkups and small repairs before the cold winter starts trying to get inside your home. Take some time over the next few weekends to be proactive in spotting possible trouble spots.

Here are 7 areas for your fall checkup:


Clean gutters to ensure they are clear of leaves and debris, as clogged gutters can cause damage to both your roof and siding.

Check to see that downspouts effectively direct water away from your home’s foundation. Ensure runoff won’t end up on driveways or sidewalks and becomes a slipping hazard.


From inside the attic, look closely at the roof substrate, eaves and ridge vents to ensure they are tightly sealed, and no nails have popped through.

Ensure attic insulation does not cover vents since proper venting prevents ice damns from forming on the roof.


Loose, missing or curling shingles signal needed roof repairs. Shingle granules accumulating in the gutters and loose nail heads are signs of aging and failing shingles.

A sagging roof is a clear sign that your roof is faulty.


Walk around your home and carefully look for any obvious damage. Note missing, cracked or damaged sections of siding that need repairs.


Fill and seal holes, gaps or cracks to keep critters from sneaking into your home. A rodent can slip through the smallest of spaces, so be thorough. Careful caulking and wood filling will improve your home’s energy efficiency, also.


Check to see if windows or doors are letting in drafts by using the candle method – hold a lit candle near the window and sashes and if the flame blows significantly, you probably have an issue that needs addressing.  Check frames and window panes for cracks or damage.


Check your deck to see if it needs repairs, replaced wood, stair repairs or resealing before bad weather arrives and causes more damage. If you have wood stairs or handrails, don’t forget to check those also.

If that sounds a little overwhelming, don’t despair! Just call us and we’ll have one of our repair crews come out and have a look around. If they find needed repairs, they’ll take photos and show you exactly what they saw and explain the fix. They’ll give you a written estimate, and then you can decide the jobs you’d like us to do, and which you’ll take on yourself.

Let’s get this done while we still have some good weather!