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5 Ways to Make Your Siding Stand Out!

James Hardie Quality Building Products
James Hardie Quality Building Products

If you are looking to replace the siding on your Delaware home in the near future, you may want to take into consideration a few aesthetic aspects before settling on color and materials. After all, you might as well improve the value of your home by making well-thought-out educated choices for your siding installation in Delaware.

Using contrasting color combinations is a good way to add curb appeal to your home. Typically a home has no more than two siding colors, a trim color and an accent color for shutters and the front door. If using more than one color, be sure to use the darker color below the lighter one, to anchor it to the ground.


Balance is a big factor when choosing your colors
Balance is a big factor when choosing your colors

Also, when using a variety of materials, it’s best to run materials horizontally rather that vertically, as it looks better structurally. Balance is a big factor when choosing your colors. Take a look at this article ‘How to Add Value to Your Home with Color’ with great suggestions on how to utilize the color wheel when making decisions about the color combinations for your home.

These 2 Links are Great Tools for getting a Visual on Your Siding and Color Choices:

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Finally, Check Out 5 Ways to Make Your Siding Stand Out!


  1. Contrast your siding with white trim and corner post. Much like white trim and baseboard helps makes colors pop inside the home, a white aluminum wrap around windows & doors, accent trims, and corner post can help do the same for the outside, framing the beautiful color of your new siding!
  2. Select a siding color that will coordinate with subtle colors of your dimensional shingle roof to help the siding resonate and give your roof extra dimension and texture.
  3. Don’t try to match the siding color to the stucco or brick too closely, or your home will end up without any contrast and not be as visually interesting or eye-catching.
  4. Contrast your siding color with accent colors on your shutters, doors, and garage doors.
  5. If your home is in a wooded area, darker colors such as brown or green will retain their luster longer. While homes that receive direct sunlight should go with lighter colors such as yellow or white, as the sun will enhance their radiance.


Home Siding Installation Delaware
Home Siding Installation Delaware


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