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5 Ways to Improve Natural Sunlight in Your Home

from your dependable window replacement contractors, Ferris Home Improvements

Increasing the natural light in your home can help reduce eyestrain, improve your mood and save on energy bills. If your home is too dark, it can affect your mood and drain energy levels. Natural light can improve concentration levels making you more productive, give you more energy and boost your spirits.

“According to the National Institutes of Health, some people experience serious mood changes during the winter months. Dubbed seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, this condition may be effectively treated with light therapy. Exposure to more light can alleviate fatigue, loss of interest and sad or anxious feelings. Homeowners looking to increase the natural light in their homes, be it for medical or aesthetic reasons, can do so in a variety of ways.”—‘How to invite more natural light into your home’ | Your Daily Paper

There are a variety of simple ways to improve your homes natural light, such as opening the curtains, using lighter colored paint to better reflect the natural light and adding mirrors to reflect light from windows or doors.

However, there are some homes that don’t naturally lend to enticing the natural light through these methods and need a bit of small structural changes that can greatly increase the natural lighting.

If you’re looking to improve the natural lighting in your home, here are 5 minor home improvement suggestions from your friendly window replacement contractors of Delaware.

5 Ways to Improve Natural Sunlight in Your Home


1. Install a tube skylight like the Owens Corning Illuminator in a small, top story space (i.e., closet, bathroom with no windows).
2. Replace an opaque, windowless entry door with one that has ample glass for light to pass through.
3. Replace the door to your basement stairs with a 15-light or other glass door.
4. Replace a set of windows with full glass entryway doors.
5. Install 1 or more egress windows in your basement for more natural light.

Using one or a combination of these home improvement suggestions can have your family feeling happier, more energetic and productive. Ferris Home Improvements have window replacement contractors and residential roofing contractors on staff ready to help improve the natural lighting in your home. Give us a call today! | 302.998.4500  | Contact Us