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5 Unlucky Signs You Need New Windows!


  1. You cringe at the idea of opening your windows as the weather warms up.  They screech, they are ridiculously hard to open, and/or are stuck shut.  Your windows are no longer (or never were) sitting correctly in place.  Something has caused them to warp, either installation or age and weather over time.
  2. Your curtains move on windy days when the windows are all shut! If your windows are drafty, they were or are no longer properly insulated or installed.
  3. Your windows have condensation on them that CANNOT be wiped away from the inside or the outside.  There is moisture between the panes of glass that signifies the seal is broken, and the window is no longer energy efficient. Condensation that does wipe away is normal and merely signifies a temperature difference between the interior and exterior.
  4. The wood frame or sill is dry-rotted, soft, or crumbling.  Dry-rot signifies significant exposure to water, so some part or all of your window is collecting water where it shouldn’t be, and now the frame is too weak to perform properly.
  5. You hate your windows. Maybe it’s their outdated look…their inability to save energy…or their poor functionality…does it matter?  You hate them and life is too short to live with your hatred for these windows!


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