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5 Simple Maintenance Tips to Avoid Major Home Repairs from Ferris Home Improvement Contractors of Delaware


The kids are back in school and fall will soon be upon us. Now is the time to survey your home for any damage that might have occurred from the heat and summer storms. Often when weathering a storm, we take notice of the downed power lines and tree limbs but fail to notice a missing shingle, compromised windows or siding.

Before the full onslaught of driving rains and gusty Nor’easters arrive, take the time to examine all sides of your home for anything that might fester into a bigger problem if ignored.

A simple repair of a gutter or shingle roof repair can help protect your home from further damage that can turn into major issues costing you much more. By examining your home for these 5 simple repair needs, you just may save yourself from having to invest in a full roof, siding or gutter replacement!

5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Summer-End Storm Damage:

1. Repair Missing or Damaged Roof Shingles: Keeping on top of shingle repair may help you avoid the costly expense of pre-mature full shingle roof replacement. Un-replaced shingles can allow for major water penetration that could rot your roof and possibly cause water damage or mold issues inside the home. Fall Maintenance Tips Delaware
2. Repair Missing or Damaged Siding: Compromised siding can lead to all types of water damage and mold issues, as well. Keeping up on siding repairs can help you avoid having to make an emergency call to a siding installation company for your Delaware home.
3. Ensure Your Storm Doors & Windows Are Secure: Take the time to examine the molding and caulking around your windows and doors. Not only will this prevent from future water damage, but it will make your home more energy efficient. If your windows are sub-par, you might want to consider contacting several vinyl window replacement contractors for estimates.
4. Repair Missing or Damaged Gutters: Many homeowners don’t realize the roll that gutters play in protecting the roof and the siding of a home. Faulty, clogged or damaged gutters can actually redirect the water towards either the roof, siding or foundation causing major water damage and mold issues. Keeping your gutters in pristine condition is an easy way to protect your home.
5. Secure All Outdoor Furniture & Décor: Outdoor living is great when the weather permits, but making sure that your outdoor lifestyle doesn’t ruin your indoor lifestyle is a wise strategy. Flying umbrellas, chairs, tables and grills can cause major damage to windows, doors and siding.

By employing the 5 preventative strategies above, you can avoid spending for costly home repairs. This can allow you to spend that saved expense on home improvement projects that will enhance your lifestyle, such as a new deck, sunroom or playroom for the kids!

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