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5 Signs Your Windows Need Replacement by Ferris Home Improvements


5 Signs Your Windows Need Replacement by Ferris Home Improvements:

1. Your windows have cracked glass or broken locks. Safety hazard for little (and big) ones! You could risk a fall, cut, or break-in.
2. Your windows have moisture BETWEEN the glass. Not to be confused with moisture you can touch on the inside or outside…this kind of moisture just indicates an extreme temperature difference between the two environments. Moisture BETWEEN the glass panes (that you can’t touch) in your window signifies a broken seal and that MUST be replaced.
3. Your windows are difficult to open and/or close. Vinyl replacement windows should be EASY to operate. If your windows squeal, squeak, or get stuck, then something isn’t right. Either your window’s quality is not top-notch or your window was improperly installed.
4. Your windows have rotted, crumbling or warped wood.
5. Your windows do not meet the needs of your family or space. Should be safe and practical, letting in sunlight and ventilation where necessary.

Ferris Home Improvement of Delaware can help with all window replacement needs. We are a local family owned renovation contractor with a stellar reputation.