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5 Unlucky Signs You Need New Windows!

Wow, what a beautiful day it is! I look forward to opening up the windows and airing out the house. In my old house that had windows from the turn of 2 centuries ago, today would be a dreaded occasion, as I would have to prepare for the battle of wrenching poor functioning windows open as high as I could. (This was always hingent upon the size of the stick with which I would wedge into the window I was prying open!)

If this sounds familiar or hits a cord, it may be time for you to consider window replacement. My new home has windows that are from this century. They are easy to unlock and open, which makes airing out my house a breeze!

Jealous? Well take a look at our ‘5 Unlucky Signs’ that could mean you need new windows:

  1. As the warm weather arrives, you cringe at the idea of opening your windows.  Let’s face it many old windows let out a blood-curdling screech that makes your head hurt, or they are ridiculously hard to open and quite possibly stuck shut.  Your windows are not sitting correctly or something has caused them to warp, either installation or age and weather over time.
  2. Even when the windows are shut, your curtains mysteriously move on windy days! Drafty windows are a sign of improperly insulated or installed windows.
  3. There is a consistent condensation on your windows that CANNOT be wiped away from the inside or the outside.  Trapped moisture between window panes signifies a broken seal, indicating that your windows are not energy efficient.
  4. Dry-rotted or crumbling of the wood frames of your windows.  Dry-rot signifies significant exposure to water, so some part or all of your window is collecting water where it shouldn’t be, and now the frame is too weak to perform properly.
  5. You despise your windows. It could be their outdated look, their inefficiency, or their poor functionality. Does it matter?  You hate them and life is too short to live with them!


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