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5 Signs it’s Time to Call a Home Improvement Contractor

Could Your Home Use a Bit of a Remodel?

If your home was built more than 35 to 40 years ago and hasn’t been updated since, it most likely could use at the very least a bathroom remodeling or a kitchen renovation. We recommend contacting a home improvement contractor in Delaware to come out and make a feasibility study of how a home remodeling could improve your home’s quality and curb appeal.

Does Your Kitchen Look Like Something from the Seventies?

Often a homeowner will get complacent with a home they’ve lived in a long time and fail to realize a little remodel might refresh their home’s appearance and make it more functional, not to mention more marketable.

Is Your Bathroom Tiled in a Putrid Color?

Whether you are preparing for retirement and want to update your home with certain ‘age-in-place’ features or have a growing family that necessitates a better layout or more space, often a home remodeling can be less expensive than upgrading to a new home.

Do You Dread Entertaining because of the Out-Date State of Your Home?

Many people tend to get stressed about entertaining when their home is in disarray or a bit dated. Often they just end up letting relationships slide because the idea of having someone over for a simple BBQ is just too embarrassing for them to face because of the condition of their home.

If this describes you, then it clearly is time to consider a home remodeling for your Delaware residence.

You know it’s time to contact Ferris Home Improvement Contractors of Delaware when one of these 5 things hits home with you!

5 Things People Say When It’s Time to Remodel Their Home:

1) “I HATE this kitchen (bathroom/etc.)!!!!!”

2) “I’d rather move than fix up this dump!”

3) “I just LOVE those home remodeling shows!”

4) “I’ve been meaning to get to that…”

5) “It’s coming back in style!”

So if this is you, get in touch with the Home Remodeling Contractors in Delaware, Ferris Home Improvements can help solve all your home remodeling needs. | 302.998.4500  | Contact Us