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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Clogged Gutters
It’s almost that time of year for getting your Fall TO DO list started! Most homeowners know what it means, especially in a wooded areas of Delaware or Pennsylvania. Cleaning your clogged gutters! If you haven’t checked on your gutter guards and downspouts in a while, we strongly advise you to do so as soon as possible. Those two features play an important role in protecting your house from water damage, ice dams and excess moisture buildup throughout the year.

Have your gutters inspected before the colder months roll in. Ferris Home Improvements will be happy to help! If you need to know more reasons why is it wise to do, here’s a few more:

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Clogged Gutters

  1. They can compromise your home’s foundation and/or basement. Clogged, rust or unfastened gutters can enable water to be channeled directly down towards your foundation.
  2. They can cause water and mold in your roof. Water damage can greatly contribute to even bigger, toxic dangers like, such as weakened fascia to mold to settling walls.
  3. Standing water will attract mosquitoes: Especially during warm months, so beware of the peak pest season!
  4. They can weaken your roof in winter. Don’t let ice dams damage your gutters AND prevent melting snow from draining properly from your roof. The likelihood of water seeping under shingles and refreezing is high and can cause major damage that is costly to repair.
  5. Negligence will cost you a lot of money. Better to act fast and take care of a smaller problem right away, then dealing with bigger consequences. Cleaning out your clogged gutters is fairly less of a commitment than getting a new roof.

Warning: If your home sits among trees, we advise you to invest in gutter guards. That way, in case of heavy rains and winds or snow, your roof will be much better protected from the outside causes. Trust us, you don’t want to deal with chronic clogging and debris buildup!

If your gutters reached their lifespan, consider investing in seamless gutters. We consider them an industry standard when upgrading a home’s gutter system.

Whether you need us to repair or replaced your clogged gutters, you can get in touch with Ferris Home Improvement of Delaware any time! We offer great results and affordable prices.

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