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5 Kitchen Upgrades You Shouldn’t Pass Up! Tips From Your Home Improvement Contractors Delaware


5 Treats for Your New Kitchen Remodel Plan from Your Friendly Home Improvement Contractors of Delaware!
5 Treats for Your New Kitchen Remodel Plan from Your Friendly Home Improvement Contractors of Delaware!

Is it time to renovate your kitchen?

Redesigning your kitchen is a big project and making the right decisions for your lifestyle can make it all worth your effort!

Be sure to analyze how you use your kitchen and integrate your needs into the design so that it will be functional and easy to work and live in. Make your life easier by storing items nearby for greater ease and flow.

When planning your kitchen, be sure the refrigerator is easily accessible when cooking. Also, allow for 15 inches of countertop on either side of the stove to give room for food preparation.

Remodeling your kitchen not only benefits your productivity and lifestyle, it increases the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Be sure to use quality materials that can withstand use and add to the attraction of your home.

Here Are 5 Kitchen Upgrades You Shouldn’t Pass Up:

1.Get the NICE hardwood cabinets with full overlay.Don’t cheap out on the most used part of your kitchen! You will kick yourself when the cabinet door to your cereal bowl area falls off in 10 years. It’s worth your investment…the kitchen is going to see a LOT of mileage…make choices that LAST!

2. Coordinate ALL of your hardware(yes, DO get knobs and pulls for your cabinets!) with your water and light fixtures. Use the same tone, finish, and style to coordinate your look.

3. Get the organizational upgrades you need!Pot drawers, the spice storage, the electrical outlet in a drawer…whatever organizational items you can’t do without. It’s worth it…you will get the use out of them and chances are the next owner will too!

4. Get the GRANITE countertops.Granite is very reasonably priced if you stay within certain tiers of stone, and it is starting to become a standard expectation for future buyers.

5. Get matching appliances that meet your needs!No they don’t have to be the same exact brand if they don’t meet your needs, but they should have the same color finish and be considered heavily when selecting them for your new kitchen. Stainless steel is another upgrade that most buyers are looking for as well.

Making necessary kitchen improvements is a wise way to get a better return on your investment. When it comes time to put your home on the market, you will fare much better if have an attractive up to date kitchen.

But why wait until it’s time to sell your home to remodel your kitchen. You might as well benefit!

If you’re interested in getting more tips on how to remodel your kitchen, get in touch with one of the top home improvement companies in Delaware | Ferris Home Improvements.