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There are many benefits to upgrading your home with replacement windows and doors. Replacing drafty old windows with today’s Energy Star rated windows not only adds beauty to your home, but it increases your home’s value. Spring is the perfect time to replace windows or doors because the weather is more comfortable than the heat of summer or the freezing temperatures of winter.

New windows will add comfort and consistency of temperatures to your home. It can enhance your mood and make your home look larger and more spacious. Not only that, new windows or doors lessen the need for continual maintenance.

Replacement windows and doors with an Energy Star Rating can also increase your home’s security and energy efficiency by up to 50%. And they will keep your home’s temperature more consistent and comfortable throughout the year.

5 Benefits of Installing New Windows

5 Great Features of Replacement Windows & Doors:

  1. “double-hung” – for convenient cleaning!
  2. “crank-out” – for convenient cooling and ventilation!
  3. You pick the color frames for the best look for your home!
  4. You pick the style hardware for the best look for your home!
  5. Blinds INSIDE between the glass of your sliding glass doors….no cleaning your blinds because they have no dust, no banging/swinging side-to-side when you open and shut your doors

Spring is Great Time to Brighten Up Your Home With Skylights, Glass Doors and More!

New window and door products of today are designed with low-maintenance in mind. The Energy Star rated window replacements are a smart choice for improving efficiency, lowering maintenance, longer life span, reducing sound transmission and increasing curb appeal.

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