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5 Deck Upgrades You Shouldn’t Pass Up for Your Delaware Home

Looking to Enjoy the Great Outdoors This Summer? Improve Your View with a New Deck

Creating a comfortable living space outdoors has become one of the latest trends in home remodeling for Delawareans. With so much time being spent at work or taxiing kids to and from dance and sports events, there should be a place for you to unwind and enjoy the simple things in life; the great outdoors!

What better way than to hire the #1 home improvement contractor in Delaware to beautify your home by building a new and inviting deck for you to lounge on all season long.

Here 5 Deck Upgrades You Shouldn’t Pass Up for Your Delaware Home:

1) Opt for the virtually maintenance-free material like Gorilla decking that lasts for decades. It also channels water away from your house, has a honeycomb structure that stays cool in the sun (unlike composite materials), has hidden screws that can detract from your deck’s aesthetics, and comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

2) Install lighting. Whether you decide to install wired electric lighting in every post, only light the stairs, or choose to install solar lights, don’t pass up the chance to make your deck as functional and beautiful at nighttime as it is during the day!

3) Install a pet/baby gate! Whether you have pets or kids, you’re a grandparent or you’re single without any children, chances are you will be entertaining at some point with kids or pets visiting your home, and having a gate that’s installed to match your existing decking and railing is a beautiful finishing touch to your deck that adds lots of function as well!

5) Get the white trim, wrought iron rails, or another two-tone element for your deck. Using two different color materials in your deck (i.e., mocha Gorilla decking offset by bright white vinyl posts & rails adds a visually beautiful element to your home that adds dimension, value, and appeal!

Ferris Home Improvements is one of Delaware’s Top Home Improvement Companies with a professional team of construction specialists capable of making your home’s outdoor appeal the best on the block, call us today!