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Window Cleaning Tips DelawareAh, Spring is in the air! The melody of birds outside the window and the greening of the landscape is a good indicator that warmer days will soon be upon us. But if you’re having a hard time witnessing the transition of the cool colors of winter to the more vibrant colors of Spring, it might be time to do a little Spring cleaning!

That grime and soot that cake up your windows over the winter months can make it hard to enjoy the emerging Spring colors. Ideally, one should wash the windows twice a year. Many homeowners insist on using paper towels or newspaper, spray cleaner, and a ton of elbow grease. It’s a chore that many of us try to put off. But, if you use the right method, you may just find yourself happily cleaning your windows several times this year!

So take our advice and make window cleaning a breeze! Here are 3 ‘Must Know’ Tips for cleaning your windows. 

3 Must-Know Tips For Cleaning Your Windows

  1. Watch the weather. Clean your windows over 3 days of little-to-no wind gusts. Preferably sunshine and no rain so that you can get a good read on how clean your windows are getting as you work.
  2. Use the BEST window cleaning solution. 1/4 Cup Vinegar, 1/2 Teaspoon Liquid Soap or Detergent, 2 Cups Water, 1 32 oz. Spray Bottle. Combine vinegar, liquid soap or detergent, and water in the spray bottle, then shake to blend.
  3. IMPORTANT: USE A SQUEEGEE! Rubbing your windows with paper towels or newspaper too much just pushes dirt around and can create a static charge on the window that only attracts more dirt!

If the interior-side of your windows appear to get dirty or film-over too quickly, it may mean that you need to change the filters on your air conditioner or furnace. Modern day homes are air tight and tend to trap more pollen, dust, dander and other pollutants.

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