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If you are planning on putting your home on the market sometime soon, you might want to consider making some or ALL of the remodeling suggestions listed below before you do. In order to get the best asking price possible, many realtors suggest making some home improvements in order to make your listing stand out.

After all, it is a buyer’s market and most buyers are looking for a property that has little to no need for maintenance and improvements on their part. It only stands to reason that a home that is in pristine condition will by far outshine a home that is shabby and in disrepair.

That being said, here are a few home improvements to consider before putting your home on the market.  



  1. Install A New Roof WITH Blown-In Insulation.  Energy-efficient improvements are VERY appealing to buyers, as are completed improvements that have longevity for the duration of a new ownership.
  2. Install A NEW FRONT DOOR!  The first impression of your home starts at the curb, but an impressive entrance into the home really can set the tone for the feeling a buyer gets from the existing value in your home.
  3. Install NEW SIDING & WINDOWS!  Immediately set yourself apart from the competition with show stopping siding from all views of your home….then brag about the replacement windows’ energy savings compared to the competition and how it will put money back in the new owners’ pockets!  Meanwhile, you can reap the rewards by increasing your asking price or keep it competitive and start a bidding war that could lead to more profits at sale!

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