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Embrace the Great Outdoors This Summer with These Home Improvement Projects!

Are you getting enough sunlight in your diet?

Getting some fresh air and natural light has proven to be a mood enhancer, so why not try out one of these home improvement projects to improve your mood?

Try adding one of these great additions to your home in order to take advantage of the great outdoors. 



  1. A screened-in porch.  A must if you are near any kind of water….but more importantly, a spot with a roof is wonderful for watching the storms roll in and out.  Who doesn’t love a spot outdoors for morning coffee or a nightcap without the drama of bugs??
  2. A pergola.  Google it….get a beautiful source of sporadic shade so that you can lounge poolside and catch a tan with some shade when you want it.  Plus, a string of outdoor café lights can transform it at night into a serene bistro atmosphere for hanging out with friends or family.
  3. A deck or porch off your bedroom!  Is it possible to wake up unhappy when you wake up to some alone time with a cup of coffee and a view?

I can personally attest the mornings that I get out and have a cup of coffee on my deck, I am happier and more productive throughout the day. Something about taking a few moments to reflect on the day ahead makes me more energetic and prepares me for the hectic times ahead.

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